Shocking photos have emerged showing ‘significant erosion damage’ on The Moon, with experts at NASA blaming a combination of escaped greenhouse gases and gravitational issues for the impending global disaster.

Dr Luna Fuch-Weet is head of the Space Exploration Faculty at the University of Foulness Island, and she told Southend News Network that at the current rate of erosion our planet’s moon may only have ‘months left.’

She added: ‘I am disgusted that NASA and other leading space agencies have been covering up the damage to our Moon over the last few months – I have evidence to show that they have been doctoring images to try and hide the damage.’

‘Unfortunately it seems that our over-reliance on cars for getting around has led to this. Once our atmosphere became full of greenhouse gases it was only a matter of time before the top layer cracked and the carbon dioxide started seeping out and attacking the moon.’

We asked Dr Fuch-Weet if she could explain the perfectly-rounded ‘dimple’ that has also appeared on the surface of The Moon.

She said: ‘This is something that we are investigating, but at the present time it is likely that the surface has collapsed because of an illegal cheese mine that has been set up there.’

According to reports that have been sent from countries that are situated close to the Equator, the effects of the erosion have already started appearing.

In Indonesia, many coastal resorts have already said that the tide has been spotted flowing sideways on a number of occasions in 2017.

Within the last few hours, Flat Earth activists have also declared that the problem proves their various theories about the World not being a globe, somehow.