A shock poll has revealed that Jeremy Corbyn will come out on top in June’s vote. 

10,000 people were asked who they would be voting for in the upcoming North Islington Geranium of the Year Competition, and a staggering 69% of respondents admitted that they would be backing Mr Corbyn’s entry.

His attempt, the flower that he has affectionately named Marx, is currently under armed guide on his allotment in a secret location.

However, Corbyn’s campaign team has released images online, and it is clear that the geranium’s colour, shape and texture will be incredibly hard to beat in June’s vote.

An inside source said: ‘It is a truly magnificant geranium, and we haven’t seen another one like it since Big Betty took the crown in 1976.’

‘This really is a golden age in the contemporary era of competitive geranium rearing.’

MP Diane Abbott added: ‘It is a geranium that is worthy of sharing a platform with any of the world’s finest plants.’

‘In the last six months, it has grown by an astonishing 125 feet!’

We pointed out that this growth would make the geranium taller than a double-decker London bus.

Abbott replied: ‘Sorry I may have misspoke there, but the fact remains that it is one of the most electable geraniums that we have ever seen.’

‘Jeremy should be very proud of himself – I know I am. That beard as well! I’d have some of that any day of the week.’

The odds of Marx winning the contest shortened dramatically on Thursday afternoon after the second favourite Big Blue Bastard was forced to withdraw over concerns about overspending on Miracle Gro.