Metropolitan Police detectives have promised an immediate investigation after footage emerged on Sunday of a group of black men being chased around London by THOUSANDS of white people. 

According to sources at the scene, enquiries are now underway to see if a hate crime has been committed.

One witness said: ‘I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – those poor men!’

‘Credit where credit is due though, they just rose above it and went about their business as if nothing was wrong – nobody caught up with them throughout their ordeal.’

‘They showed huge dignity in the face of such hatred and intolerance.’

‘Some of the people chasing them were covered from head to toe in outfits, and I assume that this was a pathetic attempt to hide their identities for CCTV cameras.’

‘It’s hardly inconspicuous though is it, heading out dressed as a giant chicken to incite racial violence.’

‘We hope that thermal imaging will identify these bastards.’

Another witness said: ‘This is what Brexit Britain is all about now. It’s crazy! Kenya isn’t even in the EU.’

‘Farage and Gove have a lot to answer for.’

Unconfirmed reports from the scene have also revealed that the would-be attackers were being cheered on from the pavements of London.

One Facebook user posted: ‘They were handing out water just in case their rabid hatred was leaving them dehydrated.’

‘Surely this would make these people accessories to any offences that have been committed.’

The shocking scenes were first reported on Twitter by the user @pajoflynn, who admitted that he holds Theresa May personally responsible for the incident.