A shocking report released by the Home Office today has revealed that a whopping 100% of all non-British visitors to the UK are foreign. 

The news will come as a shock to many who are concerned about levels of immigration in the run-up to Brexit.

A government spokesperson said: ‘We took all of the immigration data for 2016 and noticed that once you exclude anybody who is British or holds a British passport, 100% of the visitors to the United Kingdom had a passport from another territory.’

‘We would like to reassure the public that Amber Rudd is committed to bringing this figure down over the course of the next Parliament.’

Horace Morris of the pressure group Get Britain Out Now told Southend News Network that the figures were ‘a disgrace.’

He added: ‘When is this government going to wise up and take back control of our borders.’

‘It’s also been proven that if you discount all of the British prisoners in our penal system, 100% of our prison population is foreign.’

‘No wonder the whole thing is at breaking point.’