The latest statistics from the Foreign Aid Office have revealed that more than £1.5 BILLION of taxpayers’ cash has been wasted in Foreign Aid since January 2015. 

Here are some of the highest payments:

  • £550m Westeros
  • £300m Narnia
  • £167m Sodor
  • £254m Mordor
  • £210m Craggy Island
  • £56m Eternia
  • £121m Arendelle
  • £73m Durkadurkastan
  • £551m Loompaland
  • £128m Petoria

We say that enough is enough!

This money could be spent on the NHS, education or veterans, but instead it is being exported to war-torn regions.

Westeros is one of our planet’s most conflicted nations, with warring factions constantly at each other’s throats.

UKIP will put a stop to all of this, so please remember that when you are next at the polls.