A shocking report by the RSPCA has revealed that more than 200,000,000 butterflies are killed every year to make Doritos. 

According to the leaked document, massive secret butterfly farms on Canvey Island are expanded every year to meet the demand for new flavours.

A source said, ‘It’s absolutely heartbreaking.’

’As soon as they pop out of the cocoon, they are smothered in paprika and sent for processing.’

’They even got rid of the stunning part of the process last year as they kept flying off – now they just dangle half an orange two inches above an industrial deep fryer.’

’We will shortly be lobbying to government to force them to use a different shape that doesn’t require mass macrolepidopteran genocide.’

This news comes at the end of a difficult week for the British crisp industry.

On Tuesday, a consortium of Middle Eastern leaders voted to halt all imports of Salt ‘N’ Shake into the region until the manufacturers choose a less offensive name.