Shoppers have reacted with outrage this week after Boots launched a ‘racist’ washbag.

The popular retailer has been criticised for stocking their so-called ‘Black Mens Washbag’ without offering any kind of alternative for white men, or indeed any other racial sector other than black.

It was originally spotted by Michael Fin De Cloche, a UKIP councillor from Southend On Sea, and he told our Chief Reporter that it was a ‘disgrace.’

He added, ‘I am never shopping in Boots again.’

‘This is yet another example of white people being marginalised in Britain, and I for one am taking a stand against this disgusting marketing strategy.’

‘In fact, I am so angry that I for two am taking a stand!’

‘This country really is going to the dogs. I had to turn off Radio 4 this morning when Women’s Hour came on.’

‘Why is it no longer acceptable to be a white man in this country?’

‘This is the United Kingdom of 2018. Pub landlords are told that they cannot display golliwogs, but major retailers are allowed to practice positive discrimination.’

‘My grandfather fought in World War 2, but as far as Boots is concerned I need to clumsily transport my toothpaste, shaving cream, tooth brush and Ajax around loosely while someone whose ancestor came over in the Windrush generation can have it all nicely organised.’

We asked Mr Fin De Cloche for his opinion about the missing apostrophe from the word ‘Mens’ on the product’s packaging.

He said, ‘It doesn’t need an apostrophe. Everyone knows you only need an apostrophe when you have more than one of something.’

‘Unless of course you run a stall at Roots Hall Market, then it’s open season.’

IMAGE: Adrian Green / Facebook