There has been an angry reaction to the 2019 John Lewis Christmas advert after thousands of people accused the lead character Excitable Edgar of emitting unacceptable amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.

In the traditional commercial, the dragon breathes fire whenever he gets excited in an attempt to persuade millions of activewear-clad yummy mummies called Tabitha to spunk £50 on an artisan coffee mug while surrounded by members of the Leave-voting living dead looking at quilts or whatever.

One disgusted shopper said, ‘John Lewis have really dropped the ball on this one. We only see the fire that made the final cut – what about all of the rehearsals and outtakes?’

‘At least the one in Game of Thrones was done with CGI.’

Swedish climate change activist Freddie Ljungberg added, ‘I am thoroughly appalled that John Lewis are being so blasé about climate change.’

‘I have a simple message for them. How dare you! How dare you take away the free coffee offer and demand that I purchase something from the café in Waitrose first.’