The BBC has announced that Sir David Attenborough will be returning to BBC ONE next year with a series all about endangered TV personalities. 

Filming has already begun for the six-part series entitled ‘Almost There,’ with Sir David travelling all over the world to observe a variety of aging actors, presenters, musicians and comedians in their natural habitat. 

We met Sir David to discuss the show at his private safari park just outside of Basildon. 

He said: ‘I am making this show to raise awareness more than anything else.’

‘For example, you may be unaware that more than three TV personalities die every single month in the UK because of poaching, tree destruction and streaming.’

‘In one particularly distressing scene, our hidden cameras observed one 93-year-old game show host taking a full nine minutes to have a wee. It was heartbreaking.’

‘When we filmed scenes at HMV on Oxford Street, one aging crooner was almost crushed to death in a stampede of teenagers. We got the whole thing in slow motion and sh*t.’

‘My personal highlight of the series was observing a team of detectives arriving at a secret location and watching one 70’s celebrity exhibit natural self-concealing behaviour that has rarely been seen before on camera.’

‘If you have never witnessed a man squeeze himself into a hoover bag under a staircase, you simply cannot afford to miss it.’