A sponsored sleep out to raise money for a homelessness charity has been cancelled because it’s a bit nippy out.

According to the event’s organiser Daniel Clenge, the group of ten young professionals will now be taking to social media instead and sharing a number of homelessness-related memes that include somehow blaming immigrants for a military veteran who was spotted sleeping rough somewhere, or a regular rough sleeper who happened to be wearing camouflage who must definitely have been ex-military.

Mr Clenge said, ‘We were all ready to begin our sleep out on Monday evening, and at 8pm we congregated in the town centre all ready to find an ideal location.’

‘After a couple of minutes, we noticed that it was a bit cold, and so we sent a couple of the guys to Caffe Nero to get some supplies.’

‘When they came back a few minutes later and told us that it had closed, we suddenly realised that we may have chosen the wrong form of activism.’

‘McDonalds was still open, but their vegan choices are limited, and so we had no option but to cancel the event.’

‘We will still collect pledges and donations from people though because homelessness is a very important issue.’

In another late development, it has also been revealed that a ‘Support Your Local Business’ event has been abandoned by a number of local consumers after it emerged that parking was ‘a bit tricky.’

Shopper Nathan Fuch-Weet added, ‘One of them wanted 5p more than Tesco for a pint of milk. How can they expect to survive?’