Police have confirmed that 24 people have been arrested after the latest Labour leadership debate in Southend On Sea ended in a HUGE BRAWL that was sparked by a one-on-one scuffle between the two hopefuls. 

Shortly after tonight’s debate got underway at Civic Centre in Southend, a number of spectators remarked that Mr Corbyn was looking ‘on edge’ – his campaign manager remarked that a group of children had been hassling him outside to buy them some cigarettes. 

Once the debate had been in full flow for around half an hour, a question from an audience member led to a physical confrontation between Smith and Corbyn that suddenly escalated into a 40-man brawl. 

A young man asked if either candidate would take swift action to stop any further junior doctors strikes, and Mr Corbyn launched himself into a passionate speech about how the striking doctors were doing ‘the right thing’ to protect the overall quality of the NHS. After a rapturous round of applause, Mr Smith remarked: ‘Well you would say that, wouldn’t you, beardy weirdy.’

While Mr Corbyn stared at his opponent in a confused manner, Smith was clearly unable to come up with an equally witless follow-up comment, so he just blurted out: ‘They should call you Jeremy Snore-byn. You’re better than a cup of Horlicks.’

Mr Corbyn then grabbed a mic and said: ‘The f**k you just call me?’ before he mounted the lectern and swiftly flying clotheslined Mr Smith to the floor. Tens of audience members bundled in to try and separate them and police arrived a few minutes later.

Security personnel then escorted both candidates out of separate exits. Mr Corbyn posed briefly for photographers and did a suitably deranged-looking pose for the benefit of the Daily Mail.

After the event had been officially cancelled, a spokesperson for Mr Corbyn said: ‘Jeremy stands by his behaviour. He would like it to be known that as leader of the opposition, he will continue to flying clothesline injustice and inequality at every opportunity. He shaves for no man.’