We don’t do a lot of real-life stuff on here, but sometimes one of our fans gets in touch about a good cause. We’re going to be honest, we get tonnes of these messages and usually just ignore them, but sometimes a message arrives that gets us right in the ol’ feels.

Our reader Natalie Reeves from Southend has a five-year-old daughter called Pixie, and one day she just decided that although she dreams of having ‘hair like Rapunzel,’ she would much rather cut it off and donate it to the Little Princess Trust – a charity that produces wigs for little girls who have lost their own hair as they are undergoing cancer treatment.

Natalie had already decided to donate her hair, and one day Pixie just came out and said ‘mummy I want to help the poorly children too.’

That’s a massively mature thing for a little girl to say. I still struggle to give my two-year-old one of my beloved Revels of an evening. Sometimes I just give him the coffee one to watch his face contort into a ‘bulldog.’ Anyway, as I was saying …

Unfortunately it costs up to £500 for every wig to be produced, and so they have set up a JustGiving page here for the Little Princess Trust – please donate and share if you can.

The idea is that they will both donate their hair, and the fundraising will hopefully cover the cost of turning it into wigs, and then some.

We apologise for putting this sort of thing on SNN – well actually we don’t. It’s our page and we’ll do what we like 🙂

People moaned when we did the Katie Hopkins fundraiser, and that got £16,000+