Just when you thought that the EU Referendum couldn’t get any crazier, Southend News Network can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that a major industrial supporter of the Vote Leave campaign has decided that we are an ACTUAL news site and not a satirical outlet with stories about Mr Tumble being suspended over a failed CRB check and mathematical fundamentalists launching a campaign of terror on a bakery for leaving the crosses on their hot cross buns.

Britten-Norman is an aviation company based on the Isle of Wight, and as part of their official efforts to back the Vote Leave campaign they are flying a ‘brexit’ banner all over the south of the UK on the day before polls open for the EU referendum. In an attempt to generate some interest for the publicity exercise in Southend On Sea, an employee of the company reached out to us for reasons that are probably best known to them! Clearly they hadn’t taken a few moments to look over our usual news stories.


As the Chief Reporter of Southend News Network was in his usual playful mood, he was only too happy to oblige and pointed out that it would be great to get some questions answered for the good people of Southend who may be ‘frustrated’ with the referendum coverage so far. He asked:

  1. What time roughly can the people of Southend expect to see the aircraft?
  2. Why have you chosen to fly it over Southend in particular?
  3. In all of the media hype and so-called scaremongering, what are three ‘take home’ clear and concise reasons to ‘vote leave?’
  4. How will all industry across Essex in particular benefit from a future outside of the EU?

With excitement reaching fever pitch that a ‘major and legitimate’ local news outlet was eager to get involved in the campaign, our request for information was passed along the chain of command at Britten-Norman until we were treated to a response from William Hynett, the Chief Executive of the entire company and clearly a passionate supporter of the campaign to get Britain to leave the EU.



There is clearly no shame in ‘falling’ for Southend News Network – we have managed to enrage a number of major organisations around the world since we launched in August 2015. The EU Referendum has led to unprecedented levels of ‘crazy’ from all sides in the argument, and we have even come out in support of Vote Leave as we know that it has the potential to piss off the largest number of readers. Having said all of this, it’s still BLOODY FUNNY, isn’t it?

If you see the plane and the banner around Southend today, give it a wave and show your support … or just point and laugh.

DISCLAIMER: Certain details have been covered in these email screenshots to try and save at least an ounce of embarrassment. Also, any attached ’email terms of use’ links in the Britten-Norman emails were giving ‘404/link broken’ errors at the time of sending – so there you go.