Snow ..... Keep coming back to this page for the very latest news.

2339 – Eyewitness reports confirm that a large amount of white stuff is falling in Lucy Road, Southend.

2301 – A number of Thundersley residents have been in touch to say that water from their cold taps is currently ‘10% colder than usual for this time of year.’

2238 –  Elsewhere in Leigh, artisan filtered snow has been reported around Leigh Road and Broadway West.

2233 – Desperate snow worshippers in Leigh have reportedly locked themselves in the walk-in freezer at swanky eaterie Le Pamplemousse Confondu in The Broadway to try and get some wintry action.

2207 – Essex commuters have been reminded that the C2C snow timetable will only be activated once more than 94 snowflakes have been counted per minute across the area.

2147 – A representative of local headteachers has been in touch with Southend News Network to confirm that there is a secret password that will need to be given to Southend media outlets if their school is closed on Monday. In the further development, this password has been confirmed as ‘neige.’

2140 – Hardworking mother of three Jane Flipout from Chalkwell has said: ‘It’s a terrible shame that the local area isn’t under 10 feet of snow already. My kids absolutely love it when it happens and I do as well – even if a significant number of the local elderly and vulnerable are cut off or freeze to death as the town grinds to an absolute standstill.’

2135 – Police are advising drivers to only make essential journeys this evening. This is nothing to do with the snow, but more to do with the number of utter bellends that seem to use roads around Southend on a Saturday night.

2120 – Council officials have warned the general public not to try and walk across to take a look at the shipwreck of the SS Montgomery if The Thames freezes over. Furthermore, anyone who walks across to Kent and cannot get back may be subject to double tolls and further issues at the Dartford Crossing.

2110 – Gritters have been spotted all over the county, as apparently it doesn’t need to actually snow for the roads to be dangerous.

2100 – Although there is still no snow, Mavis Turnip from Canewdon has been in touch by email to say that she felt a small covering of ice when she removed a packet of fish fingers from her freezer earlier this evening.

2041 – Colin Dipp, one of our regular readers, has been in touch to say that there has been heavy snowfall around his home in Antarctica.

2035 – Updated information: There is still no snow.

2032 – Our Chief Reporter has been out on the roads, and there isn’t any snow yet.

2030 – Welcome to Southend News Network’s ongoing live coverage about the snowfall in South Essex. Your Chief Reporter will be posting updates as and when information becomes available, including the latest details about any road closures and anything else that you simply need to know. Don’t forget to send us your latest Southend Snow images at – you can also use our Facebook page or Twitter which is @SouthendNewsNet.


  1. This is nothing to do with the snow, but more to do with the number of utter bellends that seem to use roads around Southend on a Saturday night. Where did you get this information?