A few days ago, a Facebook group was created called ‘Mums, Mumming and Mummery – inc. Amateur Paediatrician Magazine,’ and it was a group where people could let off steam and pretend to be those militant social media mummy wummy woo woos who blight everyone’s news feed on a daily basis with their sheer fuckwittery.

You know the sort of Facebookers who post an image of their child’s arm hanging off and wonder if they should take them to A&E or just pop down Boots first.

It grew to more than 1,600 people in just a few days, and this was because the majority of Facebook users are sick and tired of this shit and wanted somewhere to vent their frustration – men and women alike were flocking to the thriving community.

Everyone was fair game – from the ‘mah kids are mah world’ vomit inducers to the ‘who wants to loose ten pounds in 2 minutes’ hunbots.

Members commented that the group was like a breath of fresh air, or even ‘the best group ever’ as a couple of people put it. So what did Facebook do? They banned it and classed the group as promoting ‘hate speech.’

Have Facebook’s community standards people actually taken a look around the sodom that they have created lately?

We have people who have real problems distinguishing between the everyday Muslim in the street and ISIS nutters, and yet their bile remains visible with their constant bleatings about ‘freedom of speech.’

We have people who openly post memes about hanging Diane Abbott and Anna Soubry because they don’t agree with Brexit, and nothing is done.

We have people who still can’t get their heads around the fact that a man can love a man and a woman can love a woman, with their ignorance often descending into vile remarks.

We have Nazis. Actual fucking Nazis on the network.

Transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, and every other actual manifestation of hate and hate speech that you can think of.

Give it a few more months and Zuckerberg will just want us all posting puppies and ‘share and comment’ competitions to win a trip to Center Parcs, although the latter will probably be classed as ‘hate speech’ against Butlins before too long.