A spokesperson for society has confirmed that getting your cervix smashed in by someone with 18-inch biceps, peanut-sized testicles and ‘a bit of a temper’ in front of millions of people is now the pinnacle of all human civilisation. 

He said, ‘The United Nations will shortly be inviting the winner of the show to speak in front of all delegates as part of our Inspiring The Rusty Catflap initiative.’

’We used to think that pioneering research in the field of oncology and tackling abuses of human rights were priorities for humanity.’

‘However, it’s now clear that everyone wants to become ‘that guy’ with more nipples than IQ points who wants to lose a few drops of baby gravy on telly for the sake of getting a regular slot of Big Brother’s Bit On The Side.’

Ten-year-old Rebecca Smith told our Chief Reporter that the contestants are ‘a fantastic example to look up to.’

She added, ‘So many people teaching girls like me that we have the right to control what happens to our own bodies.’

‘Therefore, there is nothing more inspiring than watching Satanic TV producers ply young adults with copious amounts of alcohol in the hope that they all bump uglies.’

An ITV spokesperson added, ‘We had planned a spin off called Hate Island that was due to start on March 31st, but it looks like it will be the end of October at the earliest now.’

’There isn’t really much of a format to the new show. We just put cameras all over the UK and wait for someone to get upset because they are stuck in a queue in Tesco behind someone speaking foreign.’