South Woodham Ferrers town centre is currently in lockdown after a male customer in McDonalds illegally refilled his Fanta in spite of the sign clearly stating that only one serving is allowed per purchase. 

Shortly after 5pm on Thursday, 31 year old David Adams ordered the drink as part of a Big Mac Extra Value Meal, and staff called police after he was observed taking a second cup of the carbonated orange beverage.

Within three minutes, three armoured police units arrived at the scene with tactical support from the Essex Police helicopter.

According to witnesses, he was tasered after taking a sip of the illegally obtained subsequent cup.

A source said: ‘When they had the idea of building a McDonalds inside an ASDA, it was made clear at the time that there would not be space for beverage dispensers behind the counter.’

’However, we expressed concerns about the self-serve drinks area and the potential for civil disorder if customers are limited to one drink, and now these fears have become a reality.’

A spokesperson for McDonalds said: ‘Every clandestine fizzy drink costs us an extra 0.5p in materials, and so we have been forced to take a firm line on this.’

The sign that has led to LOCKDOWN

’Beverage fraud is no laughing matter. If people want to have their hot drinks made for them, they will have to go to the Wild Bean Café on the roundabout by the pub with the ducks.’

Annie Humphrey added that there will be a song calling for McDonalds to relax this rule and introduce unlimited drinks, because she does stuff like that … in a variety of accents.