How much further will Southend Airport expand in this warm December weather?

A Southend News Network investigation has revealed that London Southend Airport is currently expanding due to the unusually warm December weather conditions that are currently being experienced across South Essex. Experts are now predicting that if this warm spell continues, passengers will be able to enjoy an extra terminal from January 1st 2016.

The metal-based materials that were used in the original terminal’s construction would normally be contracting at this time of year under the pressure of wind, ice and snow, but with temperatures predicted to soar to 18 degrees there has been a gradual expansion of the terminal since mid-October – there are already two new gates that have appeared, along with an extra coffee shop and a vending machine. Airport bosses are said to be delighted with the favourable weather, and with aircraft emissions contributing to global warming it would seem that there is now a ‘perfect storm’ of conditions for an ongoing expansion of the airport’s structure.

However, local pressure groups who are opposed to the expansion of the airport are not happy with the news. Colin Ground, leader of Stop The Airport Growing Anymore Than It Really Has To, said, ‘We are alarmed that the airport is expanding in the warmer weather, and we plan to employ a team of gardeners to spray water onto the current buildings to cool them down before this gets out of hand.’ However however, Nathan Nutter, leader of Stop Stop The Airport Growing Anymore Than It Really Has To, said, ‘We intend to stop these people from cooling down the terminal, and this will involve pulling up next to the gardeners and throwing them into the back of my Ford Transit.’