The first amphibious 747 to fly from Southend to London is already under construction in the USA.


An ambitious young businessman from Chalkwell believes that he has the perfect solution to travel to London for everyone who is fed up with the C2C and Greater Anglia rail routes – direct flights from London Southend Airport to the middle of the City that will take just 22 minutes.

Using a fleet of four amphibious Boeing 747 aircraft, the first of their kind in the world, commuters and tourists alike will be dropped off on The Thames right by Blackfriars station, and this will provide excellent connections by rail to the whole of London. From 7am – 11pm Monday to Sunday, flights will depart in both directions every 30 minutes, and fares will start from just £9.99 each way.

Marlon Sans-Cerveau, who was born in France but moved to Chalkwell in 2010, explained the new service in an EXCLUSIVE interview with the Southend News Network. He said, ‘As our aircraft will be landing on The Thames, we can keep our fares incredibly low by avoiding the airport fees at Heathrow, Gatwick and City Airport. Our original plan was to take off from the end of Southend Pier, but local officials were concerned that we would be flying too close to the SS Montgomery – one pilot error and Thorpe Bay would probably end up in France.’

He continued, ‘Hundreds of London commuters have told us that they are fed up with the train service on the main two lines from London to Southend, and we are expecting a surge in bookings with the announcement that the current Southend Victoria train carriages will remain in service for the next 150 years.

However, among all of the excitement, a number of anti-airport campaigners have expressed concerns about 747 aircraft using the short runway at Southend. We contacted a spokesperson for a comment, who confirmed that the aircraft will be able to use the runway with no single trip having more than six people on board – any more than this and the 747 would be too heavy. In order to address any concerns about the extra noise, the engines will be specially adapted with cushioned aluminium and husher flaps.



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