The head of waste, wastage and recyclage at Southend Council has hit out at ‘lazy’ residents who keep driving past the town’s waste disposal site without seeing it. According to Roger Magoo, the problem is getting so bad that it could lead to unprecedented levels of fly tipping if more people do not spot the existing site on Stock Road. 

Mr Magoo said: ‘We have noticed in the last few weeks that more and more people are just driving past the waste disposal site on Stock Road, and this is leading to unacceptable levels of rubbish building up all over the borough of Southend. We have taken a number of steps to make the site stand out to people driving past, but short of putting great big Vegas-style flashing lights on it there is nothing else that we can do. When we built the site, we were very careful about putting it right next to the road where passers-by would spot, but still there are a number of lazy and reckless council tax payers who still just drive straight past while talking very loudly about some girl that they are on the verge of sleeping with or something.’

He added: ‘If this situation continues, we may be put into a position where we are forced to reconsider our choice of Southend residents. As a precautionary measure, we are already inviting bids from other businesses who are interested in re-populating the town.’