Will you apply for a FREE DROPPED KERB?


After a number of complaints about the fees that are involved when getting a dropped kerb installed for driveway access, Southend News Network has discovered a loophole in local law that will allow households to get one installed FREE OF CHARGE with no fees for planning applications or legal costs. According to a leaked document that we have seen, there is a pot of money set aside by local government to fund the work for residents of Southend – the only condition is that the homeowner is willing to let their driveway become ‘Pay and Display.’

Naturally this would mean that the homeowner may not always be able to park on their own driveway, but at the same time they would be saving thousands of pounds – the parking meters are fitted with number plate recognition technology so that an hourly charge can be added to the resident’s council tax bill.

Although the free dropped kerb installations will be welcome news for many people that are currently being fined for accessing their own driveways over the pavement, not everyone is happy. Nigel Sprout has wanted to get a dropped kerb installed outside his home in Brighton Avenue since he bought his house in 1997, but he has serious concerns about other people using his driveway.

He said, ‘If I take advantage of this scheme, it would open up my driveway to anyone who wants to use it – yet I am currently unable to hang any sort of curtains as my front wall is in danger of collapsing. Therefore, anyone who uses my driveway and drives in forwards will be able to watch me walk around my house naked, and that is the sort of incident that could see me added to the Sex Offenders Register.’

We contacted the local council for a comment to try and clarify this loophole – they issued the following statement:

While it is true that residents can apply for all of their dropped kerbs fees and construction costs to be waived in return for making their driveway ‘Pay and Display,’ there are sixteen forms that need to be completed and submitted in a timely manner. In addition to this, the home must agree to empty their parking meter daily (for any visitor’s parking fees) and deposit any monies at their local Post Office. With the festive season approaching, we can also arrange for a second meter to be installed on the roof of an existing property to maximise parking revenue on 24th/25th December.’



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