An artists impression of the upcoming Westcliffopolis development for Salisbury Avenue in Westcliff.

Planning permission has been granted for a luxury development containing 564 apartments in Salisbury Avenue, Westcliff. A Southend estate agent has confirmed that the Southend housing market has ‘never been better’ in Southend.

Rob Blindman, Lead Sales, Lettings and Mini Cooper Negotiator at Leigh-based agency Smarm and Co, made this shocking admission after the agency was appointed exclusively to deal with sales for the new development, named Westcliffopolis.

He said, ‘This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best possible time to be thinking about buying or selling a home in Southend. One of our most popular developments is Westcliffopolis in the trendy and up-and-coming Salisbury Avenue district, where a two-bedroom flat is currently being converted into a luxury condominium with 564 apartments and penthouses. The first units won’t be ready until 2018, but I have already had an amazing number of phone calls from people who are interested in investing in this fantastic opportunity. In fact, my desk phone rang so much last week that it spontaneously combusted and seriously injured three of my colleagues. Naturally, I will be happy to deal with their leads while they are recovering.’

However, there may be an uncertain future for Westcliffopolis because of an emerging legal battle over access to the underground car park. Due to an administrative error with the original planning application, each level of the car park must not be more than seven inches in height from floor to ceiling. We asked Mr Blindman about this potential stumbling block, but he was predictably bullish about the future.

He added, ‘I am aware that under the current plans, the car park will only be accessible by Fisher Price and Lego vehicles for height reasons. However, this should not prevent potential buyers from investing. Remember that these apartments will have an incredible annual yield of anything up to 1900%, and if you decline this opportunity, some wealthy Arab will step in. How will you live with yourself?’

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