A forward-thinking businesswoman from Southend has been praised by local parents and education chiefs on the eve of the opening of her new nursery in Central Southend. Unlike other nurseries in the area, Little Monarchs in Chichester House promised to give every child their own classroom and team of staff – she hopes that parents will flock to her business because of the 100% attention levels that each child will enjoy. 

Marianne Kin-Wa spoke to Southend News Network about her exciting new childcare venture. She said: ‘We spoke to 150 parents across the Southend area, and the same message kept cropping up over and over again. There is a real frustration at existing nurseries in our town because children are not getting permanent and absolute attention from at least three different members of staff at any given time, and mums and dads are very concerned about the effect that this has on their child’s development. With modern Britain rewarding only the loudest and most arrogant teenagers and adults in later life, it is vital that children learn from a young age that the entire universe CAN revolve around them – you won’t get that sentiment from a local soft play centre!’

She added: ‘For only a small premium on top of market rates for childcare, all children are allocated their own classroom and toys that they are under no obligation to share. We are also delighted to be offering an extended timetable of opening hours for parents who work long hours in the city or need to visit Dick de Vigne’s Nighclub at the last minute.’

Leigh mum Nigella De Baritone said: ‘I have already reserved long-term places for my three children, and I am delighted that someone is finally listening to what parents are asking for. I looked at a local nursery last week and I was horrified at the level of social integration and multicultural diversity right before my eyes. How can our children expect to get the best possible head start in life when they are constantly expected to share a Brio set with some kid called Lukas or Mustapha or something like that.’


  1. “it is vital that children learn from a young age that the entire universe CAN revolve around them”

    Just the place for budding politicians……