A group of mums from Southend have come together to launch an information and awareness campaign about the dangers of oxygen after one of them noticed a rusty bicycle in their back garden.

Group leader Roxy Day-Shaun told Southend News Network that she organised the campaign after a horrifying experience.

She said: ‘I was playing with my children Shanel, Shontel and Barry in the back garden, and I noticed that there was an old bicycle behind one of the bushes.’

‘I saw that the metal frame was all rusty and horrible, and later that evening I went on Wikipedia to find out where rust comes from – I was horrified to find out that it is caused by oxygen.’

‘We breathe in tonnes of oxygen every single day, and I have now seen first-hand what it can do.’

‘If it can do so much damage to a solid piece of metal, I can’t bear to think about what it is doing inside our young children’s fragile bodies!’

‘I got together with some of the other mummies at school, and we decided to form Mummies Against Oxygen.’

‘We have already set up a Facebook page to let other parents know that children should consume oxygen in moderation.’

‘We have also submitted a request to our local NHS trust to get advice about any alternative and safer gases that we could be giving our kids.’

‘There is so much information out there about why we shouldn’t smoke with children in the house as cigarettes give off carbon monoxide gas.’

‘However, there is practically nothing online about how we stop our sons and daughters from going rusty on the inside.’

‘This campaign is all about empowering parents to make the right choices for their kids.’

A spokesperson for Southend and Canvey NHS Primary Care Partnership told Southend News Network that their website and leaflets will be updated shortly to reflect any new information that is made available.