A group of mums from Southend have launched a campaign and petition to get Father’s Day in the United Kingdom changed to SECOND MOTHER’S DAY. According to the leader of the campaign, this will reflect the countless hours that mums have to put in at home with the kids, and there are also growing levels of anger at the fact that Father’s Day is always scheduled for a time of year when it is warmer and sunnier than the ‘cold and blustery’ mums’ equivalent that takes place in March.

Group leader Shaz Woodgrange said: ‘In my honest opinion, the system is really unfair at the moment. When it is Mother’s Day in March, it is always really cold and wet, but Father’s Day is in June when it is all warmer and nicer outside. We could just ask David Cameron to swap the two days around, but we think that it would be fairer to just have another Mother’s Day instead. We thought about coming up with a list of carefully considered and logical arguments to support our campaign, but instead we have come up with a winning slogan that will really resonate with the rest of society: ‘Because we’re mummies.’

She added: ‘There are 25 of us in the group, and we have all been up since 6am this morning going around Facebook and writing nasty and obscene messages on all photos about Father’s Day. We know that there are some really great Dads out there, but we’re doing this for all the mummies. Some idiot has already started a #notalldads hashtag to try and shut us down, and this is a disgusting attempt to ruin our campaign. If we take the ‘Dad’ situation in our own little pocket of Southend and then logically assume that it must be the same across the whole of the United Kingdom, it is clear that our campaign is justified.’