Facebook has decided in its infinite wisdom to punish Southend News Network with a one-month ‘limiting of our posts in other people’s news feeds’ over an alleged breach of their Facebook Live terms and conditions.

After a recent tweak in their policies, it is now no longer permitted to use Facebook Live for polls with ‘static images’ and automated vote counters – you know the sort of live poll that everyone is doing these days.

But here’s what boils my piss. When we got the first warning about this, we stopped there and then – no more live polls whatsoever after that point.

However, for some unknown reason, Facebook has decided to take further action anyway by highlighting one poll in particular that has incurred their wrath – naturally I have appealed, even though I get the impression that the appeal just hits some chatbot in the middle of the fucking Philippines.

We had an opinion poll in the run-up to the general election that ended up reaching 4.9m people – naturally this has upset them somewhat.

This sort of live poll has become incredibly popular over the last twelve months, but as it isn’t in the ‘spirit’ of what Facebook Live was originally created for (the ability to broadcast murders and horrific assaults to the whole world in real-time) they have now decided to crack down.

For fucks sake I even saw one by Britain First’s ‘sex bomb’ Jayda Fransen shortly after the Manchester terror attacks where she was basically hinting that it was time to go and do some very silly things in the vicinity of a mosque somewhere – that one was allowed though!

As far as I am concerned, I received an initial warning around three weeks ago about mis-using Facebook Live, adhered to their warning, and that should have been ‘end of story.’

No new live polls have been published since that time, so why Facebook have now taken further action is beyond me.

Facebook Ads are even our main monetisation partner, so they are actually hitting themselves in the pocket by reducing our Facebook reach as a punishment.

I really don’t think that Mark Zuckerberg is worried about a loss of revenue from Southend Poxy News Network, but it just shows the dickheaded mentality of it all.

The irony here is that no bastard will see this rant as our reach has been limited! More to the point, I was actually using Facebook Live for a real poll – no fake news element at all this time.

Make an effort to stop the people who are using Facebook Live to broadcast horrific acts and spread hate. Leave us the fuck alone.