Southend News Network readers came together overnight and helped SMASH a fundraising target for a local boy with a severe form of Cerebral Palsy. 

Runner Kit Allum has offered to run the Hackney Half Marathon on 30th April to raise money for 10-year-old Marcus from Southend to have much-needed specialist physiotherapy sessions.

Kit is a family friend and he has been training for a while now – he wanted to put his efforts to the best possible use.

Marcus and Kit Allum – Kit is running the Hackney Half Marathon on 30th April to raise money for Marcus’ physiotherapist treatment

Marcus has a condition called cerebral palsy spastic diplegia, and these sessions are helping him to learn to walk unassisted.

This video explains a bit more.

You might remember him from a piece last year about a kind-hearted local gent who donated and built a storage shed for his mobility trike.

A crowdfunding page set up for the event had raised just over £500 by Friday evening, with a £1000 target, and I just knew that this was worth sharing – PLEASE CARRY ON SHARING THIS!

There was a story in the press recently about a mum who managed to raise £6,500 to take her kids to Disneyland just to give them a bit of a treat, so it was clear that this would be a winner from the start.

At around 10.30 pm, espresso in hand, I informed my Facebook faithful that I wouldn’t be going to bed until that £1000 target was smashed, and bloody hell you awesome people didn’t disappoint!

At precisely 3.13 am, we reached the magic milestone, and at the time of writing this article you have pushed it to £1,250 and counting.

Once again, HUGE THANKS to everyone who donated and shared – everyone will still get a personalised shoutout on our Facebook wall as soon as possible. I’m just staggering them as I managed to destroy our News Feed Score overnight with the constant thank you messages!

I wanted Marcus and the rest of his family to wake up to a nice little surprise on Saturday morning, and his mum Scarlett left us a lovely message when she saw that the grand was ready and waiting!

She also posted a video showing exactly how  your very generous donations will be spent.

This is just the latest in a long line of mega fundraising efforts from the SNN Facebook crew.

The appeal for ‘Katie Hopkins’ Legal Fees’ ended up raising £18,500 for food bank charity The Trussell Trust including gift aid, and you also rustled up more than £650 for the London Air Ambulance after the London attacks a little while ago.

They got in touch the other day to say thanks.

See the Katie Hopkins saga here.

Please carry on sharing the appeal for Marcus as there is no upper limit to the crowdfunder, and if there is anything else that you can suggest to help please email

Please also check out his Facebook page, and take a look at his official website.

Twitterati? Follow @marcability too.