Katy Perry eats ice cream, but a Southend trader may lose his business, home, wife and youngest daughter in a bitter legal battle.

A trader from Southend seafront has been served with court papers by a London daytripper, with the official reason being given as ‘Selling me an ice cream that isn’t produced by Rossi’s.’ As a result of the upcoming case, the small business owner could lose his business, his home, and possibly his wife and youngest child.

On 14th August 2015, Harry Dribble, 99, of Shoreditch, East London, London, London, was taking part in an organised excursion to Southend seafront when he visited Cold and Runny on Marine Parade with a group of friends. As the case is now due to be heard in court, we can only print certain details of the incident as there is a danger that we will influence the jury at the Old Bailey hearing, scheduled for 2021.

Mr Dribble explains, ‘I asked for a medium 99 with a flake, that turned out to be £1.50 – how can they charge more than 99p for a 99? That aside, three days after returning home to London it suddenly occurred to me that the ice cream that was used didn’t come from Rossi’s. Although Cold and Runny didn’t have any signs up that stated that the ice cream was from Rossi’s, they equally didn’t make it clear that they don’t use Rossi’s – how on earth can any business in Southend get away with this scandalous behaviour?’

Boris Monopoly, leader of the Southend Tourism Consortium, explained to the Southend News Network in an EXCLUSIVE interview that this case is just the tip of the iceberg. ‘We are aware that there are now a number of seafront traders that are not serving Rossi’s ice cream, and we would like to remind these individuals that they should display a 20 foot banner outside their premises that clearly states ‘We do not serve Rossi’s ice cream, please take your custom elsewhere.’

He added a very stern warning for the town’s economy, ‘We have statistics to prove that for every outlet that chooses to sell ice cream that is not made by Rossi’s, the town as a whole loses more than £1.7m in annual revenue.’

In another late development, the Southend News Network can also EXCLUSIVELY reveal that at the shop in question, the flakes that are being used do not come from Cadbury’s – an online petition to get Cold and Runny shut down has already received more than 100,000 signatures as a result of the Southend News Network’s investigation.

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