ITV Southend is coming soon, including new shows such as Darlinghurst Parking Wars

For many years, nobody has ever really known if Southend belongs to the Meridian, Anglia or London ITV region – all of that is about to change with the announcement that Southend is to get its own ITV franchise. With local residents admitting that they couldn’t care less about Norfolk beetroot farming and gang-related jaywalking in London, it seems that there has never been a better time for the town to get its own selection of local programming.

Although national favourites like Coronation Street, The X-Factor and Emmerdale will be removed from the schedules, Southenders will be treated to a new range of fantastic shows in their place including the following:

Darlinghurst Parking Wars – Each week, some of the world’s most famous professional drivers attempt to drive a variety of large and unusual vehicles past Darlinghurst Primary School while parents drop off their children in the morning rush hour. The series will conclude with a Grand Final, where local residents will line the course and throw garden furniture at idle vehicles.

Seafront Karaoke Idol – A reality series which pits the finest drunken and thuggish karaoke screamers against one another for the chance to win cash prizes and Staffordshire Terrier bling.

CCTV Spy Car LIVE – Live coverage taken straight from the CCTV surveillance vehicle on the streets of our town, where viewers can download a special app to vote for the school that they wish to see terrorised each day.

On The Southend Buses – Documentary series about the history of buses in Southend, starting with a show discussing the popularity of the village of Sorry Not In Service, along with a debate with studio guests about how much change is ‘too much.’

Submerged-On-Sea – A ten-part drama series covering the near-catastrophic flooding around the seafront in August 2013, starring David Tennant.

While viewers on satellite and cable will be able to receive the new service automatically, homes with Freeview will need to contact an engineer in order to point their aerial towards the new transmitter on top of the SS Montgomery.

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