The chief executive of the Southend Tourism Association Partnership Committee has accused Southend News Network of being ‘unbelievably malicious and dangerous and stupid’ in a shocking email that was received this morning. Shortly after 10am, the message was sent directly to the Chief Reporter, and it outlined a number of ways that Southend News Network has allegedly destroyed whatever tourist economy was actually left. 

Roger Realale-Kursaal MBE wrote: ‘Because of the power of social media, thousands of people are reading stories on Southend News Network and then assuming that they paint an honest picture of the town. Just last week I heard that a man put down £60 worth of rock on the counter of a local gift shop and walked out when his girlfriend warned him that it contained cocaine, and according to the chairman of the Waitrose Click and Collectors they are having trouble controlling the sheer number of people who turn up weekly in the car park expecting to be able to get stuck in. People aren’t even getting as far as Southend because they are reading that the Dartford Tunnel is closed – Southend News Network is literally costing our hard-working tourism business owners millions of pounds a year.’

Mr Realale-Kursaal continued: ‘Our message is very clear for both the people of Southend and further afield: Steer well clear of Southend News Network while you are thinking about visiting our beautiful town (no photos please). There are plenty of other Southend-related news outlets on the Internet that report nothing but the truth about the whole of South Essex, and people need to bear in mind that websites with the tagline of ‘The latest news from Southend, honest’ may not reflect the actual state of affairs in the town.