A source within Southend United has confirmed that an application has been made to The Football League for voluntary relegation to League 2 after today’s 4-0 away defeat to Northampton Town. If it is approved, it will be the first relegation of its kind in English football history. 

Our source said: ‘The feeling in both the dressing room and the directors’ box is that any more time in League 1 will do a huge amount of damage to the football club in terms of fan confidence, player confidence and the overall balance sheet.’

‘If we wait until the inevitable happens in May, we could find ourselves playing in front of 300 people at Roots Hall and this will be soul-destroying for our current players. A fresh start in December or January in League 2 could provide a much needed confidence boost – especially when we manage to squeeze in a home and away set against Colchester.’

‘We have proposed a mid-season promotion for a high-performing League 2 club, and we are sure that The Football League will be able to work the rest of it out.’

‘Any more time in League 1 will result in a drop in attendances that could scupper any funding plans for the new stadium. As everyone else is well aware, Fossetts Farm is now officially at the ultimate final planning development never-to-be-repeated won’t get called in first brick about to be laid three sides instead of four stage, possibly.’

‘In the last month alone, more than 1000 season ticket holders have reverted to West Ham due to going more than 12 months without a trophy. The East Stand is so quiet now that you would think you had walked into the middle of a wake.’

‘The West Stand isn’t much better either. Our stewards are trying their best to stop people swearing in the family enclosure but we recently had a four-year-old boy ejected for shouting out ‘when will that orange c*nt stick a proper f*cking forward on?’

Official representatives of the club were unavailable for comment.