Tottenham Hotspur Football Club has announced that they will be running an open-top bus parade around the streets of Edmonton and Seven Sisters on Monday morning after the team managed to overcome huge levels of adversity to draw with a team who are bottom of League One in the FA Cup on Sunday.

A spokesperson added that work was also underway on a ‘permanent statue’ to immortalise the monumental draw on the main road leading up to their new stadium.

He said, ‘To end the match on an even level with a team who lie underneath such footballing giants of the world’s game like Southend United? It’s all totes emosh.’

‘The parade will begin at 9am outside Wembley Stadium with Chas and Dave performing on an open-top bus, and after the fifteenth rendition of snooker loopy the procession should have reached Edmonton Town Hall.’

‘At this stage Harry Kane will just stand still for an hour and let the gathered supporters have 60 minutes of quiet reflection about the armageddon that will ensue when he decides to fuck off.’

A DVD of the full match entitled ‘Our Finest Hour’ will be available within the next 24 hours.