Angry fans of Tottenham Hotspur have demanded the removal of a statue of Thierry Henry outside The Emirates as it depicts his goal celebration after scoring a wonder goal against them at Highbury in 2002.

According to a number of supporters, the way that the French forward literally walked through the majority of their starting eleven before sticking it home was ‘incredibly offensive and upsetting,’ and it is a period of their history that they would rather forget.

Dave Minicab-Driver from Seven Sisters is leading the campaign for its removal, and he said, ‘It has to come down.’

‘I still wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat about that goal, and I thought that moving to a new stadium where the lager magically enters the cups from the bottom would finally help me get over it.’

‘However, that hasn’t been the case, and a lot of Tottenham Fans were left scarred after that day.’

‘For many of us, this traumatic experience led to some incredibly irrational behaviour, like the day in 2004 when Arsenal clinched the league at White Hart Lane and we all celebrated like we’d just won the World Championship of the Universe because Robbie Keane equalised so they only won the league a little bit.’

A source within Arsenal has confirmed that they may be willing to compromise by turning the statue onto its front so it’s laying down and telling everyone it’s Jamie Redknapp.