The Summer Holidays. An extra-special time of the year for parents all over Britain as they are presented with an opportunity to spend six straight weeks with their little (and not so little) darlings, and at some point this will inevitably involve a trip to a soft play centre, supermarket or indeed any other location with that well-known hazard – people.

Mums and dads who are out and about with their kids expect to be judged at some point, and it is amazing how random strangers can draw a complete and thorough conclusion about both your children and your overall ability as a parent in just a few seconds – this is where society fucking sucks when you have children with learning or behavioural difficulties.

The main problem with anybody over the age of 45 is that they were brought up at a time when good was good, naughty was naughty, buses ran on time, and you could leave your back door open 24 hours a day without waking up in the morning to find out that you had all been killed in the middle of the night.

Somehow, this attitude in 2018 has translated into, ‘Your child is making a lot of noise and playing up, that must make them the devil reincarnated and you must surely be a graduate of the Rose and Fred West School of Parenting.’

Those signs that are now showing up across the country on disabled toilet doors stating, ‘Not all disabilities are visually obvious’ – they’re not fucking kidding.

Autism is a fantastic example of society being monumentally ignorant.

I have friends with autistic children, and one of their main triggers is a sudden change in routine or surroundings.

Therefore, when a parent of an autistic child is trying to help them calm down in a public setting, they will really, really, REALLY appreciate some 58-year-old Mary Poppins wannabe leaping forward from the shadows and bellowing at them to calm down while offering the parent the fruits of their many years of experience.

The sort of idiot who probably believes that the ‘Autistic Spectrum’ is some sort of 1980’s computer.

People will often ask if there is anything that they can do, which basically means, ‘Do something – you’re disrupting my shopping and I need to get back for The Archers.’

Yes there is … Back the fuck off.