Why is it that every heatwave leads to parents who genuinely think it is safe to throw a blanket over their toddler’s pushchair?

You’re not trying to get a parrot to sleep in there – you have a small human who is at risk of being broiled because you fail to understand the basic principles of science.

Ever heard of The Greenhouse Effect? It has nothing to do with growing strawberries.

Have a butchers at your oven. See how it isn’t wide open on both sides? Take all the time you need.

To make matters worse, these are often the same parents who are first to go all Billy Big Balls on Facebook whenever they spot another parenting strategy that they do not agree with.

‘No I would NEVER put baby milk in the microwave. That’s too dangerous. You might burn his mouth.’

I might burn his mouth mate, but I’m not the one pushing the Bugaboo baked potato maker down the High Street.

Bet you would never leave a dog in a locked car either.