Why is it that you can’t swing a virtual cat on Facebook without hitting people who are describing themselves as ‘Full-Time Mummies?’

Are mums with jobs classed as ‘Part-Time Mummies?’

Try walking up to a mother with employment and calling them that. See how long you last before you get punched in the face.

Do people realise just how many mums there are out there who would love nothing more than to give up employment and spend as much precious time as possible with their children?

There is nothing more heart-wrenching than working all day long, before then picking up your children for that vital couple of hours or so before bedtime, doing the maths with childcare costs and then wondering, ‘why the hell did I bother?’

Imagine how their mood must be lifted when they jump onto Facey and see all these ladies describing themselves as ‘Full-Time Mummies.’ What a lift!

If you want to juggle a career and children then that’s absolutely fine. If you want to devote yourself entirely to bringing them up then that’s absolutely fine as well. In fact, any combination of the above is down to personal choice, but there is no reason to give it a name that indirectly knocks others who aren’t so fortunate.

Now how about a ‘Full-Time Mummy’ who also sells products to help you ‘loose thirty pounds in just one month?’ There’s a car crash of contradictions right there.