Perry Deep-Sheet's 17-litre Mini Metro - this can often be seen tearing around Canewdon.

A pioneering new study has revealed that Southend-based drivers of cars, motorbikes and scooters with really loud engines are ‘not absolute tossers’ – the research also shows that this is even more true when passing through heavily populated areas after 10.30pm at a speed of 3 mph or less.

Dr Mike Decibel of the University College Institute of East Essex conducted the £3m project, and he concluded that there is ‘little point’ in having a vehicle with a loud engine if you cannot push down on the accelerator while the handbrake is on for the enjoyment of other people in the area. He said, ‘We spoke to 500 Essex residents to see how they felt about vehicles with incredibly loud engines stopping outside their homes in the middle of the night, and we found that there is a great deal of sympathy for people who own these cars and bikes. Society is telling them not to sit at traffic lights and rev their engines over and over again before pulling off, and this is clearly impossible when you are sitting on all that power.’

He added, ‘Even adults who need to wake up at 5 am for work indicated that they were at fault for not insulating their bedrooms with a mixture of lead, asbestos and noise dampening sponge, and parents with young children were just as understanding.’

Perry Deep-Sheet, a motoring enthusiast from Canewdon, owns a 17-litre Mini Metro with after burners and he welcomed the study. He said, ‘People feel that my car’s overall power is unnecessary, but in built-up areas with a 20 mph speed limit this horsepower is absolutely vital to ensure that I can get from A to B as efficiently as possible. I am tired of people saying that my choice of vehicle is pushing insurance premiums up – technically I don’t have to inform my insurer about any modifications as it isn’t insured anyway, and with a top speed of 246 mph I can outrun most police vehicles.’

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