Members of both the Vote Leave and Vote Remain have called upon the government for ‘urgent education’ after a Southend News Network survey revealed that 74% of the population of Essex believes that the upcoming referendum is a vote to leave the whole continent of Europe and not just the European Union. Staggeringly, nearly a third of all people who were asked said that the UK could be moved somewhere a bit warmer, like Africa or The Carribbean. 

Stacey Tracey-Macey, a 19-year-old mother of six from Southchurch, said: ‘I haven’t really taken the time to look into the facts about the referendum, but I do know that this isn’t the same as the last one between David Cameron and Peter Andre. My uncle keeps saying that we should leave Europe, and I would love that as it gets really cold here sometimes and even the fake Ugg boots are well expensive now. If they could move the United Britain somewhere else like South America we could even have nice beaches and stuff, and Scotland could stay behind as well as they like the cold don’t they?’

Cabbie Marlon Quelch says that the referendum is a hot topic with his customers while he drives around Rayleigh, and he said: ‘I don’t know how they can move a whole country, but anything is possible these days isn’t it. If we do vote to leave, surely it makes sense to move as far away from ISIS as possible. I agree that there is a lot of false information flying around – I had a lady last week who thought that East Anglia is in Sweden.’


      • Essex Planning Authority respectfully requests readers of SNN not to speculate on the plans for Canvey Island until after the Davies Commission announcement is made.