Ms Felchridge. seen here in a promotional photo for the school. She has since been forced to resign.

A primary teacher from Southend On Sea in Essex has been telling Southend News Network about how she was SACKED for ‘touching a child inappropriately’ after she pulled her away from a speeding vehicle outside the school. According to Joanna Felchridge, the headteacher at Albany Avenue Primary School dismissed her even though she saved the child’s life.

Ms Felchridge, 24, spoke to our Chief Reporter earlier today. She said: ‘It was the first day back after the summer holidays, and as per usual school finished and we took all of the children to meet their parents at the main gate – there is only about four foot of pavement between the school gate and a busy main road.’

‘I was ticking off my Year 2 class one by one, when all of a sudden one of the children pulled away from her mum and ran straight into the road as a car was approaching – I saw that it was doing at least 45 mph in a 20 mph zone. Out of instinct, I ran straight into the road and grabbed her with about half a second to spare, and naturally her mum was going crazy the whole time.’

‘I carried the child back to the school gates, and her mum ran up to me screaming and swearing. However, I was shocked when she called me ‘a total sicko’ and she just walked away without even saying thank you. A few moments later she turned around and shouted at me about reporting me to the head, but I assumed that she was just overcome with the shock of it all.’

‘When I arrived at school the following morning, the headteacher had a very serious expression on her face and called me straight into the office. She informed me that I was being suspended with immediate effect for touching a child in an inappropriate manner, and she told me that this was the result of a parental complaint.’

‘According to the text of the complaint, her mother thought that it was inappropriate as I had made skin-to-skin contact with her 6-year-old daughter. She was wearing a sleeveless top at the time, and so my hands had grabbed both arms and pulled her away from the speeding vehicle. Because of the mother’s wishes, I was told that I would be subjected to a full investigation and since then I have resigned – effectively I feel that I have been sacked and will be taking this further with my union representative.’

‘I may never work in the teaching profession again as my permanent record will now record this incident of touching a child in an inappropriate manner. I have already started receiving death threats from other members of her family.’

Headteacher Dr Marion Tuchée said: ‘Regretfully, on this occasion we have been put in a position where we must overlook the fact that the child in question was rescued from a dangerous situation. Her mother has made it clear that the skin-to-skin contact that occurred in against her cultural beliefs about what is appropriate between a child and their teacher, and because we are bound by the principles of the Educational Cultural Diversity and Respectfulness Act 2016 we had no choice but to suspend Ms Felchridge.’

‘We wish her well in her future teaching career and have accepted her resignation at this difficult time.’