A leading intelligence official has confirmed that one of the most serious current terror threats to the UK is ‘random switching’ of unleaded and diesel fuel tankers – the tactic could potentially see thousands of British cars break down every single day. According to our anonymous contact in the security services, expansion of the EU and the availability of industry-standard petrochemical administration diplomas is a ‘ticking timebomb’ that could impact our way of life in the very near future.

Our source said: ‘We have learned that it has never been easier to gain entry into the UK and then sign up for an evening course in petrochemical administration – this is an entry-level qualification for most tanker filling and quality control jobs all over the world. It would be incredibly easy therefore for rogue members of ISIS or Al Qaida to use this route into British society, and a tanker of mislabelled diesel or unleaded could potentially bring 500 cars to a halt without the driver realising that they have mis-fuelled until it is too late. Most people are too busy to give the fuel pump a quick sniff before topping up, so terrorists have identified this as an opportunity to bring Britain to a complete standstill.’

We asked a government representative for a response, and a spokesperson for the Department of Petrol Security said: ‘We are taking this report incredibly seriously, and the British public should be reassured that we are doing everything within our power to stop diesel and unleaded fuels getting into the wrong pumps on the forecourt – we are also checking electricity on a regular basis for the 87 people in the UK who own a Nissan Leaf. An emergency resolution is being prepared for Parliament that suggests a UK-wide 20% extra  fuel levy that will fund a national police force that is dedicated to petrol stations and depots, and we are certain that the public will support this grassroots strategy to protect essential fuel supplies.