Why do people feel the need to give food, drink or money to a homeless person and then tell everyone about it on Facebook?

No photo or video or anything like that, just a post on a local crimewatch or selling group to tell everyone that they have carried out this act of kindness.

The next time you see one of these ‘humble brags,’ just comment underneath, ‘OK that’s great’ Well done. What would you like me to do? Throw you a parade?’

What will happen if it only gets a handful of likes or comments? Are you going to march back down to the High Street and grab it back from them?

If your follower count doesn’t increase by at least 500%, are you going to kidnap them, take them to A&E and demand a stomach pump?

Contrary to popular belief, people already know that it’s generally a nice thing to give food, drink or money to the homeless.

It’s mainly because the majority of society are not complete and utter arseholes.

Sharing to raise awareness? Awareness of what? Awareness that you are a self-centred narcissist who only feels the need to do something good for the engagement.

As we move into every election season, we see the same concept with every candidate getting a photo done while collecting litter wearing a hi-vis jacket that could get them mistaken for a yellow vest micro-protest.

‘Vote for me because I am collecting litter.’ Bugger off. You need to earn my vote by dressing up as Spiderman and literally swinging from one building to the next while fighting crime. Failing that, just fix the sodding potholes.