A spokesperson for the newly-formed Biscuit Party has confirmed that the process is underway to register as an official political party with The Electoral Commission.

Membership will be opening up to the general public soon, with the latest announcements available on their Facebook page here.

Their official slogan is the self-explanatory and populism-friendly ‘Biscuit Means Biscuit,’ and they have already amassed more than 2,500 Facebook followers in less than 24 hours. The following screenshot has been leaked, complete with an odd error that doesn’t display the intended party name – in Wales they will be known as ‘Plaid Bisged.’

Their spokesperson said:

‘Our goal is to appeal to as many voters as possible by choosing the correct name, giving the population the democratic right to get something they want without necessarily detailing exactly how we will do it.’

‘We will just keep shouting the word ‘biscuit’ over and over again and take a gajillion quid in donations of less than £25 a time for obvious reasons.’

‘We will maximise our support in this way because even the gluteniacs and whatever have their own biscuits. BISCUIT MEANS BISCUIT.’

A member of the audience asked for more information about how exactly they intend to achieve ‘biscuit.’

He replied, ‘Biscuit. Quite simply, Biscuit Means Biscuit.’

However, there has already been negative press coverage of the new party, and a statement was released regarding this matter earlier today. It said:

In a deliberate attempt to smear The Biscuit Party this morning, a number of stories have appeared in the press with allegations that we are linked to Biscuit Parties that regularly take place at Eton, Harrow and a number of other prominent boarding schools around the United Kingdom.

The Biscuit Party would like to take this opportunity to categorically state that none of our members are aligned with any of these gatherings. This is a co-ordinated effort by the biased, mainstream media to undermine our exploding movement with more than 1000 likes in less than 24 hours, and we are currently taking legal advice on the matter.

In light of this, we will be making no further comment at the present time.

Once again, The Biscuit Party can be found on Facebook here.