A spokesperson for the Department of Work and Pensions has confirmed that Prime Minister Theresa May has had her prime ministerial benefits ‘temporarily suspended’ after the failed to turn up at Wednesday night’s Leader’s Debate on BBC One. 

As part of her role, Mrs May would usually be entitled to PM Allowance and Personal Instability Payments.

However, the DWP reserves the right to withdraw these in the event of a no-show at ‘any interview or assessment where attendance would usually be required as part of an overall effort to get back into paid employment.’

The spokesperson added: ‘We don’t normally comment on individual cases so we can only give general information.’

‘However, as there is only one person in the United Kingdom who is claiming Prime Minister’s allowance, it’s pretty much a moot point.’

‘We have written to say that as soon as she attends a debate, we will reconsider her claim.’

‘She may also have to attend an assessment where a trained advisor can check if she can walk ten metres unassisted without using the words ‘strong and stable’ or cackling like Jabba The Hutt swallowing a fish.’

‘She was subject to an investigation where it was suspected that was topping up her income by working in a Wigan café, but turned out to be some other crazy old broad called Julie.’

The Prime Minister’s allowance has come under fierce criticism in recent years after ex-PM David Cameron was declared ‘fit to berk.’

‘Just a few days later, as a result of ten EU Referendum result, he stood down as Prime Minister.