Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show on Sunday morning, Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed that Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the action required to trigger the UK’s exit from the European Union, would be put in place by March 2017 – one month after the final CONFIRMATION REFERENDUM has taken place to make sure that the voters of the UK are ‘110% definitely definite’ about wanting to leave the European Union. 

Mrs May added: ‘We have come to an agreement with Jeremy Corbyn and the Shadow Cabinet to ensure that we receive full Brexit co-operation. They have agreed to provide complete support for the process as long as there is a confirmation referendum one month before we inform Brussels that we wish to leave.’

‘We have used feedback from the petition that gathered millions of signatures to set the rules for the confirmation referendum. As long as more than 60% of the British public votes for Brexit, we will fulfil our original obligations to take the UK out of the European Union.’

‘Having a confirmation referendum makes sense on a number of levels – both from a legal and political perspective. No major decision in life is ever made without a layer of ‘confirmation’ or ‘are you sure?’ 

‘Have you ever deleted a Word Document without it going into the Recycle Bin first? Of course not! Unless you are erasing it from a USB stick, but then again most people are using Dropbox or Onedrive now anyway so that’s a moot point.’

Mrs May was then pressed for more details about how Brexit would be implemented after a ‘leave’ result in the confirmation referendum. 

She said: ‘As long as more than 60% of the electorate vote to confirm that they want to leave, we will then deliver a document to Brussels that is signed by the serving Prime Minister.’

‘This may not be myself in the event of a ‘leave’ vote, but once a new pro-Brexit leader is in place I am 78% sure that this will happen by March 2017, or an alternative March of a similar or greater value.’