Theresa May has won a game of pool against the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppi Dolmio by having the 8-ball deported.

According to witnesses, at a vital moment in the game last night Mrs May could be heard screaming, ‘Sajid! Sajid!,’ and just a few moments later a team of UK Border Force officials arrived and removed the black ball.

One witness said, ‘Just before the game finished, I could hear a landing card being hurriedly torn up.’

‘Before we knew what was happening, a group of uniformed officers turned up, put the 8-ball in a box, made sure that nobody from The Mirror was around to take photos and then swiftly moved away.’

The incident brings back memories of an EU summit Cluedo game last November when Mrs May overcame Jean Claude-Juncker by rolling all of Colonel Mustard’s benefits into one single Universal Credit.

A similar mishap took place back in 2011 when a Downing Street game of Subbuteo had to be called off after David Cameron took the goalkeeper stick and lodged it firmly inside the rectum of Nick Clegg before making him dance like a bitch.