Hundreds of thousands of Essex and Kent motorists have been left feeling OUTRAGED after the announcement that there are now no plans for a third Lower Thames Crossing – an official document that we have seen states that it would be ‘unfeasible’ to have it any lower than the current Dartford Tunnel and bridge that are currently in place.

Henry Tall-Booth, chief executive of the Thames Crossing Uncongestion Consultation Partnership, spoke to a Southend News Network reporter to give further details about the cancellation of an alternative route to cross the River Thames. He said, ‘We have allocated £60m in order to carry out a thorough and unbiased analysis of every single option available to us for a third Lower Thames Crossing, and our official conclusion is that it simply doesn’t make sense to build a crossing that is any lower than the two solutions that currently serve thousands of vehicles every day at Dartford. The only way to get it any lower would be to dig a tunnel directly underneath the Dartford Tunnel, and the extra traffic that this will create would result in even more misery for local motorists.’

He continued, ‘Just for the sake of argument, we have used the latest computer technology to study the potential outcomes of digging a new lower tunnel underneath the Dartford Tunnel. If it did go ahead, we may find ourselves in 2025 saying that another new Lower Thames crossing is needed, and we had to ask ourselves where it would all end. Would it be possible to dig a tunnel through the centre of the Earth? The costs for that would be astronomical, and the air conditioning system that would be needed won’t even be invented by then.

In another late development, Southend News Network can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that there may be an alternative plan for a HIGHER THAMES CROSSING instead. A leaked email indicates that the Queen Elizabeth II bridge will have another four-lane carriageway added 50ft above the current road, with a premium toll being charged to create a crossing with lower levels of traffic.

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