You’ve probably all noticed that Southend News Network hasn’t published any new content for a while now, and there is a very good reason for this.

99% of our traffic comes from Facebook, and for reasons best known to Zuckerberg and pals, we have been penalised for ‘publishing fake news.’

When we say, ‘penalised,’ what we actually mean is ‘fucked royally up the jacksie by a dildo that make even Mia Khalifa think twice.’

We’ve never been a large publisher, and with less than 100,000 followers we have relied upon Instant Articles to remain competitive with the bigger players. You know when you click on an article in your news feed and it loads instantly? Yeah, that.

No hosting costs. No lagging. No waiting. A proper game changer with pretty little adverts that generate a considerable amount of revenue.

Facebook don’t like to admit this, but content that is published in Instant Articles get more reach. A LOT more reach. Although officially they don’t say that it has an impact, if you dive deep into their marketing bollocks you will see this:

Amplify your exposure in the Facebook News feed for greater traffic. In aggregate, Instant Articles delivers 34% more traffic to publishers on iOS and 55% more traffic on Android than the mobile web equivalents.

On top of this, Facebook pages with these ‘naughty, naughty’ markers get their reach hammered even more, so it’s now gone from being a good ol’ fashioned rogering to more of a ‘spit roast’ scenario.

More to the point, OF COURSE we have had multiple items of content marked as ‘fake news.’ We are a fucking c*nting fake news page.

Other fake news pages out there seem to be using Instant Articles without having any issues, so maybe it’s just because we is black.

So there we have it. This may be temporary. This may be double temporary. Who the fuck knows?

In the meantime, my new fledging parenting page Man Behaving Dadly is very much open for business, so pop over and give it a like. It’s a melting pot of satire, humour, real life shit, and a breastfeeding rant that made it into the Daily Mail this week.

I’m also available for ‘off the cuff’ satire for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, shiv’as and so on …