A 4-year-old girl from Southend On Sea has been telling Southend News Network that she ‘will never visit McDonalds again’ after making a horrific discovery in a Happy Meal earlier today. According to Chantelle Coosh and her outraged mother Danielle, the manager at their Southend Central branch was unwilling to listen to her complaint after they noticed that a bag of apple slices had been inserted into their Cheeseburger kids meal in place of the fries.

Speaking to our Chief Reporter, mum Danielle added: ‘When Chantelle opened her Happy Meal box, she screamed so loudly that the entire restaurant heard her and there were tears rolling down her face.’

‘I told her to stand up and move away from the meal for her own safety, and I carefully pulled a small plastic bag out of the box that appeared to contain slices of apple.’

‘I immediately called the manager over and although he admitted that there may have been a mistake at the till, he said that it is perfectly acceptable for sealed bags of fruit to be inserted into a Happy Meal in place of the fries when parents have a desire for their children to weigh less than fifteen stone when they reach junior school.’

‘I lost my temper with the manager at this point as I assumed that his attitude meant that he was judging me as a parent. It is never acceptable to judge anyone else’s parental abilities unless you are posting on a Facebook group.’

‘If I wanted my child to eat fruit I would take her to a health food shop or some sort of hippie festival. It’s no wonder that so many kids are growing up with obesity issues when restaurants are forcing healthier options down the throats of our children. Speaking as a mother, as opposed to any other type of human being, I for one would say that it is a disgrace.’

A spokesperson for McDonalds has confirmed that the incident took place, and also that the local office of the Health and Safety Executive had not been informed.