Difficult letterboxes are a royal pain in the arse for anyone whose job it is to deliver items to homes and businesses – there will always be a temptation to just sling it over the fence and bugger off to the next job (after all these guys are given like 500 drops per day or something silly.)

However, if you are going to try the shot put with someone’s DVD box set, you may want to have a quick butcher’s to see if there are any CCTV cameras up. 

This poor fella clearly let this tough letterbox get the better of him, and clearly enough was enough and he just let it fly. 

It would have been interesting to read the ‘Where The Hell Were You’ card that he is seen writing out. 

Would it have said ‘Sorry old chap but I was having the most frightful time trying to get your package through your letterbox.’

‘As I didn’t want to inconvenience you any more than absolutely necessary, I carefully slipped it over to the other side of your fence to a resting place where it will be safe and undamaged until your return.’

In all honesty, it probably just said ‘Garden,’ and ‘Garden’ was probably spelt with a ‘u.’