A photo of a kind man withdrawing money from a cash machine to feed two starving girls in Thailand is currently taking the Internet by storm.

Although details about the picture are sketchy, two desperate girls can be seen affectionally accompanying a gentleman who must have been touched by their plight – his act of kindness is melting hearts all over Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook user Michelle Garridge said: ‘This is the sweetest thing I have seen all year – those poor girls.’

‘I imagine that they haven’t had anything in their mouths for days, so this must have been an incredibly emotional moment for them.’

Another poster Nathan Fuch-Weet said: ‘I think I remember seeing these two ladies when I was over there in 2015.’

‘All they kept saying to me was ‘sucky sucky, sucky sucky’ – this must have been Thai for ‘please buy me a sandwich.’

‘When I politely refused as I had no money with me at the time, one of them just kept tugging my arm and saying ‘ping pong show, ping pong show.’

‘I’ve never been much of a fan of table tennis, so I didn’t really see any point in taking the conversation any further.’

We sent our Bangkok correspondent Pierre Pantalon-Serpent down to the streets to try and find these girls and offer them some assistance.

Pierre reported back: ‘I am delighted to say that both of the girls are absolutely fine. It’s obvious that the experience has had an incredibly positive effect on them as they were both very affectionate with me.’

‘One of them even joked that she could make me ‘squeal like a piggy’ which was just lovely to hear.’